“People empower giving, GIVEvolution® empowers people.”

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GIVEvolution® changes groups and giving.

GIVEvolution® is changing the way technology is used in groups. Whether you are organizing a wedding, cause or celebration – GIVEvolution® can give you everything your group needs, all in one place, on your smartphone.

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Are you organizing a Wedding, Cause or Celebration?


Save time with a fast and easy way to create, manage and organize your list of people. You can access and edit your list whenever, wherever you are.

messaging, notifications

Easily connect with people on your list with personal messaging to share, inspire and engage with others. Notify them of important things.

tracking, analytics

You have the ability to manage people on your list, check to see who has been notified, who has responded and who has contributed. It’s important to know more about what people like and how they are responding to you.

cash gifts, contributions, donations

Giving should be fast, fun, easy and meaningful. It’s about sharing your message with others in a more experiential way and allowing them to give quickly right from their smartphone or any device they want.

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Change the world through giving.

People like you empower and inspire giving. When you give your time, talent, love or money, it changes people’s lives. It creates hope, inspiration, innovation and possibilities. Even giving in the smallest way can make a difference to someone. What are you waiting for, get moving and GIVE!

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