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What is the GIVEvolution App?

GIVEvolution is an app allowing you the create GIVE campaigns to raise, collect or receive money for various personal and charitable events in your life.

Why use the GIVEvolution App?

Time. We value your time and created the GIVEvolution App, a convenient, seamless and secure way to help you and your givers enjoy more time while making it easier for everyone to raise, collect, receive or give money for various personal and charitable events.  A Win-win for everyone. 

Where can I get the GIVEvolution App?

The GIVEvolution App will be available on iOS first, and can be downloaded from iTunes.

In which countries is the GIVEvolution App available?

The GIVEvolution App is available in the US and Canada only at this time.  But remember, the GIVEvolution App is not required by your givers to give and there is no need for givers to sign-up. They simply use their credit card to give on a GIVE page they receive. Most mobile devices receive the GIVE page seamlessly.

What is WePay?

GIVEvolution offers payments through WePay, Inc. (“WePay”), a third-party payment processor. The WePay Terms of Service are available here:  The WePay Privacy Policy is available here: If you use the WePay payment service, you agree to the WePay Terms of Service and Privacy Policy for the country in which you are located. Currently available in the US only. If you have questions regarding the WePay Terms of Service or Privacy Policy, please refer to the WePay website or contact WePay at

When should I create an account?

You can create an account anytime.  Once your account is activated you will be ready whenever, wherever to create a GIVE page.

How do I activate my account?

Once you have setup your GIVEvolution account, you’ll need to activate your WePay account.  To activate your WePay account, follow the instructions within the GIVEvolution App.

When you set-up the basic WePay account verification, you’ll choose whether your account is used for personal, business or non-profit use.

Personal Accounts If you are using WePay for reasons other than merchant activity, you should choose “Personal.” For personal activation, you will need to enter your full legal name, your current address, your phone number, your date of birth, and your social security number.  This information will allow us to confirm your identity and activate your account.  All of this information is required in its entirety and could delay processing times for your payments if not entered accurately.

Business or Non-Profit Accounts If you are using your account for a business, organization or for your registered non-profit you can activate the account accordingly. To activate your account, you choose what type of business you are operating, provide an EIN if you have one, your legal name, the name of your business or organization, your address, and your SSN.  This information will allow us to confirm your identity and activate your account.  All of this information is required in its entirety and could delay processing times for your payments if not entered accurately.

Why do you need my social security number? WePay requires your Social Security Number to verify your identity and to comply with state and federal regulations. WePay does not run credit checks on any of our users, so signing up for a WePay account will not impact your credit score. Your SSN and Tax ID will only be reported to the IRS in the event that you collect more than $20,000 and 200 payments in the calendar year.  For more information see question below: Will I be taxed on monies received?

All of the information you enter on WePay is kept safe by our bank-level security measures.  You can read more about the security WePay offers here.

Is there an age requirement to create a GIVEvolution account?

Yes, you must be 18 years or older to set-up your own account.

What can I personalize on my GIVE page?

You can personalize your GIVE page with a photo, information about your campaign and customize give items choices (if applicable).

What kind of GIVE items choices can I create on my GIVE page?

You can decide what types of items you would like to add to your GIVE page. (Example GIVE page: “Joey’s  1st Camping Trip”, you might add items like New Boots, Camping Gear, New Jacket, Transportation, Fishing Equipment, Boat Trip, etc.)  Giver’s like to give to specific items, but at the same time keeping things simple with a few items to choose from.  You have the option to list no items, and you can change at any time during your campaign

How long does it take to create a GIVE page?

11It takes just a few minutes once you have the content needed to add to your GIVE page.

Can I use the GIVEvolution App with other tools and services?

Of course, you can use the GIVEvolution App with other tools and services.  It really depends on the type of GIVE campaign you are creating.  There are times we recommend only using the GIVEvolution App exclusively to maximize money directly towards your specific campaign.

How soon can I announce and begin sharing my GIVE campaign?

As soon as your create it you’re ready to start sharing.

How do I set up my list(s)?

You will go to your Lists tab and begin selecting people from your contacts that you want to include in your ALL GIVERS list (your master list).  From your ALL GIVERS list (your master list) you can organize into sub-lists to categorize all of your people.  (Ex: Family, Friends, Community, etc.) By creating sub-lists, this allows you to share directly to specific sub-lists or groups within your ALL GIVERS list (your master list) depending on the GIVE campaign.

How do I announce my GIVE page to my givers?

There are several ways to start sharing your GIVE page. The best way to announce your GIVE page is directly to your givers through the app. Go to the Connect tab, this is where you can share to ALL GIVERS list (your master list) or to selected sub-lists or groups using the built-in text messaging or email option, or both text message and email from your app. 

You can also share your GIVE campaign from the HOME screen, where you can use social media: Facebook or Twitter as well as sending a direct email to a specific individual. You can decide which methods and lists you want to share your GIVE page with.

Depending on the campaign you may want to encourage your givers to share with others to help spread the word. Use your imagination…

Can all mobile devices receive my GIVE page via text message?

Due to the various mobile devices available, there may be some mobile devices that may not work properly at this time.  We are doing are best to continue to update new mobile devices as needed or that we become aware of.  If you have knowledge of specific mobile device that is not receiving your GIVE page via text. Please send us an email letting us know, so we can update our platform.

What happens if I get logged out of my GIVEvolution app?

You will need to enter your email address and your password to login back in.

What is the cost to use the GIVEvolution app?

The iOS App is free to download.  There is the additional *experience fee charged on each GIVE transaction received through the GIVEvolution App and is paid by the account holder, which will be deducted from each GIVE transaction prior to being deposited into your specified account.

What is the experience fee?

The experience fee is a 5.90% + .30 cents charge for each GIVE transaction received through the GIVEvolution App. All fees are automatically deducted from each GIVE transaction at the time you receive funds from each giver. You can view details of each GIVE transaction by tapping on each GIVE transaction on the Money screen.

The experience fees cover the costs to use the platform, provide customer service, secure credit card processing, updates, features, and messaging within the app.

Is my information safe online or on my mobile (smartphone) device?

Protecting your security and privacy of your personal data and payment data is important to us. Our platform utilizes a combinations of security technology, data encryption and secure partners to ensure your information is kept safe and secure at all times for all of our account holders and their users. Our payment processing partner WePay, Inc. (“WePay”), uses state-of-the-art cryptographic algorithms during data transmission (HTTPS with RSA 2048 bit key and SHA 256 certificate) and their databases (AES 256 encryption with unique per-row keys). WePay servers are kept in PCI and SSAE16 certified data centers with 24×7 monitoring. The PCI DSS certification process is designed to protect your sensitive data. WePay is a certified Level 1 PCI Compliant Service Provider (the highest level), which requires an annual independent security audit of our processes and systems. WePay tests their system daily (manually and automatically) to ensure security. For more information about WePay’s Security:

How can I check my GIVE campaign activity?

You can view your GIVE campaign activity anytime, just log-in to your account through the app.  The Home screen shows the total money received to date and total GIVE transactions. You can also go to the Money screen that shows all activity and detailed information for each GIVE transaction which includes; giver(s) name, give item choice (if applicable), GIVE amount showing both totals; each GIVE transaction amount and each GIVE transaction amount less experience fee in red [ ], date received and optional message from the giver(s).

How do I withdraw my money?

To withdraw your money, you will need to link your selected bank account.  This is usually done at time your account was set-up. Once a bank account is added, the funds are sent automatically to the selected bank account. You have the option to send any available funds daily, weekly (every Monday), or monthly (every first of the month). This preference can be changed at any time. Upon each successful GIVE transaction, you will automatically receive the GIVE transaction less the *experience fee.  It takes 2-5 days for these funds to appear in your bank account.  GIVE transactions received before the 4 PM PST withdrawal cut-off time will be sent to your bank account.

Will I be taxed on monies received?

In most cases money received is considered to be “personal gifts” which are not taxed incomes in the US. You should check with a tax professional to determine if your funds are taxable income. GIVEvolution uses WePay payment processor. Using WePay does not necessarily affect your taxes.  WePay helps you organize your GIVE transactions (payments) and under certain circumstances will issue you Form 1099-K, a requirement from the IRS.

What is Form 1099-K and what does it contain?

Form 1099-K is the IRS’s information return for reporting the movement of funds. It reflects the gross dollar amount that you collected in the previous calendar year. In addition, the IRS 1099-K form should reflect your legal name and Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN). It is up to you (and your tax professional) to determine whether these amounts represent taxable income.

When will WePay send me the 1099-K Form?

If you collect at least $20,000 and have at least 200 transactions in the calendar year, WePay will send you the 1099-K form by January 31 of the following year. All payment processors are required to issue the 1099-K form by law. WePay is also required to file a corresponding tax form with the IRS, which participates in a combined filing program with many state tax agencies.

I received only gifts and donations, will I receive a Form 1099-K?

As of 2015, the IRS has clarified that WePay is not required to send a Form 1099-K with respect to payments that are made solely as gifts or donations.  The purpose of Form 1099-K is to report payments for the provision of goods or services, which may be subject to tax.  Gifts and donations typically are not reported as income by recipients, so it is not necessary to send them a Form 1099-K. 

We are a business or non-profit. Do these thresholds apply to us as well?

Yes, these thresholds apply to all US-based businesses including non-profits and other tax-exempt entities. However, the 1099-K form will be sent with the name and Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN) of your business or non-profit, rather than the WePay account’s administrator’s legal name and social security number.

In other words, if you are an administrator of a WePay account for a business or non-profit, you will not take on any tax liability on behalf of the business or non-profit under your own social security number, as long as you input the correct name and employer identification number for the business or nonprofit into WePay

How should I use the information from the 1099-K form?

It is up to you (and a tax professional) to determine whether your proceeds represent taxable income. WePay will not report the funds that you collected as earned income. The 1099-K form is simply intended to track the movement of funds.

Will I know when a GIVER sends money to my GIVE page?

Yes, when a GIVE transaction occurs on your account you will be notified in your app.  You can access activity by logging in to the app to view your GIVE activity on the Money screen in real time.

Will the GIVER receive a confirmation of their transaction to my GIVE page?

Yes, the Giver will receive a GIVEvolution receipt via email upon the successful completion of each GIVE transaction notifying them that their money has been delivered.

How do I know if my GIVE activity log is accurate?

All GIVE transaction activity is recorded in real time in your account on the GIVEvolution app.  You can also see your payment activity by logging into your WePay account at anytime.

How can people contribute to a GIVE page?

Your givers can securely give whenever, wherever from their smartphones or via email worldwide.  GIVEvolution is a simpler way to send money in a safe & secure manner.  Invite all of your givers to your GIVE page.

Do Givers need the GIVEvolution App?

No, the GIVEvolution App is not required to give and there is no need for givers to sign-up. They simply use their credit card to give on a GIVE page they receive. Most mobile devices receive the GIVE page seamlessly.   

What methods of payment are accepted?

We accept all Visa, MasterCard, Discover and *American Express cards.  If you’re in the US (and you have a social security number and US billing address), you can also accept international credit cards.  *American Express can’t accept funds for political parties. WePay may add or remove support for certain payment cards at any time without prior notice.

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