Imagination is what moves you to create anything. It all starts with an idea. That idea begins to knock at your door, and continues to knock until you open it. I don’t know about you but my mind is always moving, day and night. I definitely have a high level of imagination. Now add some creativity, knowledge, perseverance and its a go (take action). From there the idea will either end up in my book of ideas or eventually disappear for whatever reason. You need to have not only imagination, but knowledge. They go together like peanut butter and jelly.

I think we need to allow ourselves to imagine as we get older, and to continue to exercise our imagination. Most importantly we need to encourage imagination in others. Yes, I am talking about everyone, when I say this. I believe so many times we stop the imagination process. Instead, we should embrace imagination at any age. This is especially true in our children, this usually begins early on in their lives.

You can help inspire their imagination by giving them props (just about anything will do, a blanket, an empty box or a stick) this will stimulate imaginary play.  Just sit back and watch how they use their imagination. Remember when you were a child, your imagination would go wild. Anything you would imagine was possible. I loved when my mom would make up imaginary stories at bedtimes or let me play dress-up using her closet. When you allow children to imagine, they can do just about anything. This will carry through in their lives as they become their own unique individuals and it will be a powerful tool for them throughout their lives.

Now let’s talk about solutions to problems today, you can find them using your imagination. Imagination challenges the ordinary and pushes the boundaries. What seems impossible today can be the reality of tomorrow. You’ve heard the saying, “Think outside of the box”, well this wouldn’t be possible without imagination. Just think about all of the things that are possible today because someone turned their imagination into a reality; watching your favorite movie on your phone, communicating with others via email, text, smartphones and video; signing documents on my phone; connecting with people you haven’t seen in forever; and even using your smartphone to pay for things. We live in an amazing world and the opportunities are endless.   You are unable to change your life today or those around you, if you cannot imagine other possibilities. Imagine what you desire, and create what you will. People who have imaginations and take action are the people that make the world better. Always remember this, “Imagination rules the world.”- Napoleon Bonaparte.  By the way my parents considered naming me “Napoleon” instead of “Naomi”.  I am sure happy about their final choice.  

How can you encourage imagination today?  
Don’t wait for tomorrow!

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