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LOVE is in the air. Today is a day filled with LOVE.  Yes, once a year on February 14th we celebrate Valentine’s day with those we love.  On this day flowers are shared, cards are shared, heart shaped boxes filled with candy are shared, meals are shared, words are shared, love is all around us.  There are shades of red shaped hearts everywhere for a 24 hour period, and when the day comes to an end there will be less shades of red shaped hearts and we tend to show love less.  Today should be a reminder that we need to GIVE love everyday, not just on Valentine’s Day.

What is Love? It’s my favorite 4 letter word.  Love is a variety of different feelings, states, and attitudes that ranges from deep affection. There are many kinds of love, relationships with others is what most people seek out.  It’s a way to inspire more connection to all of the people around us. Love is beautiful, and a feeling that must be shared.  Be generous with love.

What I love about LOVE is it can be easily shared in so many different ways. The best thing is that Love is absolutely FREE to give, and we definitely could use more love in our ever changing world today and everyday. Our world would be a better place if we all just loved more.  All people need to feel love unconditionally. People that are loved feel better, are more positive, smile more, laugh more, have more energy, do more and GIVE more. Love is contagious.

There are many ways you can GIVE love to others, maybe a hug, a thoughtful note, a bouquet of flowers, a kind word, even an emoji or a simple smile.  You can think of all sorts of creative ways to share love with those around you.  I’ll let you in on a secret…The secret to love is simply kindness! Everyone needs a little more love. But most importantly, Love Start with YOU!

GIVE love everyday, try it!

Photo by: © Lotte Meijer | Follow on instagam