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GIVEvolution’s sole purpose is changing the world through the act of giving. Few things have the potential to change people’s lives as profoundly as giving. Whether it’s time, money, or attention the benefit is two fold. Good comes to both the one who receives and the one who gives. We believe that making giving a simple, intuitive and personal experience, more people will give. When more people give, they become happier and happy people in turn give more. We make it simple for people to communicate their need, cause or celebration in a personal way, while giving others the ability to engage and give with ease. If you’re the kind of person that believes the world can be changed through giving; the kind of person that believes giving should be simple, intuitive, transparent, and personal, then you will want to join GIVEvolution. Together we will make a true difference.


The GIVEvolution App combines list management, messaging and GIVE transactions in a convenient, user-friendly, interactive and engaging way. Now, as an Influencer of an event or cause, you have at your fingertips an intuitive way to manage and engage with your GIVERS. They receive a more personal experience combined with the simplicity of giving whenever, wherever securely in seconds.


Our team is passionate about simplifying people’s lives.

We believe in creating engaging experiences to influence change.
We believe in what you GIVE: time, talent, money, and love moves the world forward.
We believe in connecting people to create loyal communities everywhere.
We believe in bringing awareness to the social and charity events in your lives.
We believe in the power and impact that giving has in all areas of your life.